EDS Fact: Number 75


EDS 75.


Today’s appointment with the dietician.


Today I had to visit the Treatment Centre at QMC to see a dietician. I have been asking to see a dietician for a long time as my body seems to be tolerating less and less food but it was only during a recent admission when I didn’t eat for almost 3 weeks that they saw the severity of it and arranged my appointment. I saw a lovely man and he knew a little bit about my history but I had to inform him of my new recent diagnosis’s. He weighed me and was concerned because I’ve lost over a stone in around a month. I told him how since my operation it has been harder and harder for me to eat due to nausea, pain and swelling after eating. He agreed that I should be on Fortisips which are nurtition drinks and need to try and have around 4 a day compared to the 1 or 2 I manage at the moment. We are hoping that when my treatment is started it will be easier for me to manage eating. If I continue to lose weight and struggle he mentioned a possible feeding tube but this would only be as a last resort as they often come with complications. I am eager to start my treatments to see if it can help get me back on my feet and will try to manage more Fortisips in the meantime!

Charlie x