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Good News!


On Monday the 15th of December I visited my local hospital to see my old gastroenterologist. I was pleased that he spent quite a lot of time with me and was very upset that the operation I had in May appears to have actually mad my symptoms worse. He told me that the biopsy of my bowel was being sent to London to some people who are going to do some tests to try and link the genes or nerves between EDS and gastrointestinal problems. I hope that my bowel can help others in the future. I have been referred to many different specialists and for lots of tests, but after past experience I thought I would be waiting years for these tests but it really does feel like Christmas is here now after some letters I received this week, three of which are for appointments in the very near future! On the 23rd of December I am going to have a¬†Barrium meal and follow through. I am quite nervous about this as my body doesn’t usually react very well to the things they have made me drink in the past but I am excited that I am finally on the right track and might get some help. On the 12th of January I am going to be having a gastric emptying study. This is to see if my stomach is working properly and if the food is being passed through to my small intestine correctly. Again this is quite scary but also positive that I am finally getting the tests done. On the 4th of February I am going to be seeing a specialists in anaesthetics for pain management. I have read that they have recommended I have trigger point injects of steroids and local anaesthetic to help with my pain, so the thought of possibly having less pain in just over a month has made me feel over the moon!!! Wahoo and Merry Christmas!

Charlie x