On Tuesday┬áI had to go for a flexible cystoscopy to have a look in my bladder. It was uncomfortable but everything looked okay and there isn’t a physical blockage causing my urinary problems, which leads us back to thinking it’s due to signals not being sent to my brain etc. I now wait for a follow up appointment with my urologist to discuss this, my MRI results and the sacral nerve implant. If I’m honest I’m really nervous about the thought of another operation but I’m going to make sure that all my questions are answered and all tests are done before I even think about it…
Today I went to an appointment with my cardiologist. He was a lovely gentleman but couldn’t really give me much more advice other than to lift my bed at an angle, drink more water and increase my salt intake. He has also put me on some new medication which hopefully will help, so fingers crossed!
Hope you are all well.
Love & Hugs, Charlie.