The feedback I have received from my EDS Facts has been great. It is so good that people are finding them helpful! May is EDS Awareness month and I have been thinking for a while what kind of awareness content I can create so that I can do my bit. I’ve just uploaded a new video to my YouTube channel and it is a video version of the EDS Facts I have created. I really hope that this can help spread awareness and get people to understand the invisible battles that so many of us go through.

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The ugly truth behind chronic illness


So this video was really difficult for me to upload as I struggle massively with letting people see me like this but this is the ugly truth of what a “bad day” can be like for me.
How can I expect others to understand if they only ever see the smiley happy Charlie, when quite often this is my reality? We also need to raise awareness of invisible illnesses to stop the judgement that is still surrounds disabilities. No one should have to explain and prove how sick they are.

Have you got any stories about times when you have been judged? Please pop them in the comments below, I’d love to have a read!

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EDS Facts: #17 and #18


Back on YouTube!


Hello chickens!

I’ve been meaning to start my YouTube channel for a while now but haven’t had the confidence or energy. I’m currently recovering from surgery so there is no time like the present hey!

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