Make the most of the good days ♥


Hey everyone,
Sorry I’ve been pretty quiet recently, I’ve been busy with appointments and my end of year uni assessment. I’ve now completed my first year of my psychology and counselling degree and I just hope that I pass so I can go on to study my next module after summer! I’ve been resting up when I need to and trying to make the most of my good days by spending time with my family and friends.
Not going to lie, I have been struggling quite a bit with exhaustion and fatigue but I just have to listen to my body. It gets annoying because I try to tell my body to do something simple and it’s actually like it’s laughing at me like “not today sunshine”! Luckily most of the people in my life are really understanding if I have to cancel plans or I am having a bad day. It gets hard putting on a front every single day and pretending you are okay, in fact it’s pretty exhausting. Good news is my surgery wounds are all healed nicely! Anyway, hope you are all okay. Sending love and hugs xoxo


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