You know you have dysautonomia when…


October is dysautonomia awareness month so I thought I’d make a light-hearted blog post about it…

You know you have dysautonomia when:
1. Having a bath or a shower results in you turning bright red and needing to have a lie down!

2. You have brain fog so you write things down to remember them, but then you forget where you wrote them because of your brain fog!

3. Salt is your best friend!
giphy (4).gif

4. Everyone else is cold and you are sat there sweating excessively!

5. Or when the cold weather comes and you just turn blue and everyone freaks out!


6. Fainting is just a daily occurrence!
giphy (8).gif

7. When you get up to make a drink and your heart thinks you have run a marathon!

8. Needing to lie down in random places is just the norm now.

9. You tell people what is wrong with you and they have no idea what you are talking about.
giphy (11).gif

10. People think your drunk most of the time!

giphy (12).gif

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