Hi everyone,
I have some great news! Tomorrow I get the keys to a house with an upstairs and downstairs toilet. This will massively help me as I currently live in a top floor apartment with no lift and struggle to get up and down the stairs, especially on a bad day.
I am also seeing my urologist tomorrow to discuss the next steps in his plan to fit me with a sacral nerve stimulator. Neuromodulation can be used to treat both bladder problems and bowel problems at the same time. A small device, which is similar to a pacemaker, is surgically implanted just beneath the skin in the upper buttock. It delivers low amplitude electrical stimulation via a lead to the sacral nerve, usually accessed via the S3 foramen.
First they surgically fit a temporary wire which will be connected to an external battery and worn on a belt for the evaluation period. If the evaluation period is positive then a permanent battery will be surgically placed.
I have not seen my urologist since I received the results of my MRI scans in London and I am not sure if they will influence what happens next with regards to the sacral nerve implant. I will find out more tomorrow!
Hope you are all as well as can be.
Love & Hugs, Charlie xxxx


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