It’s 12:02AM and I’m still wide awake. The medication hasn’t kicked in yet though. One minute I’m wide awake and the next I’m zonked out 🙈🙈 anyone else like that? I’m well kitted out tonight with my forehead strip on my head, unfortunately it looks a bit like a sanitary towel. Don’t worry guys I’m not that mad…yet! This other funky accessory they’ve fitted me with is a heart memo. I have to wear it for 48 hours and I’m guessing it tracks my heart rate. It even comes with a little bag type things which can be worn as a belt or round your neck like I am modelling here haha. Also, I’ve had a blood pressure cuff on my LEG tonight due to blood pressure being low on my arm?! Is this normal? I’ve even posted a sneaky picture and something annoyed me greatly in this picture… Another little rant I’d like to have is about SOCKS?! Aren’t socks the most annoying things possibly on the planet?! They seem to lose their partner (sometimes I reckon they have affair) even if they’ve been in the same wash together. I end up with a draw full of odd socks just sadly waiting for their partners to return. Then when I wear the socks they decide to have some sort of fidget on my feet and up the way they shouldn’t be! The ankle part is usually on the other side and they just don’t like to sit pretty.
Hope you guys are having pain free nights. Anyone fancy a chat then just send me a message, it would be lovely!
Love and hugs xxxx




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