Yesterday I had to visit the hospital for an electrocardiogram on my heart. I wasn’t there very long and it was over really quickly but unfortunately I wasn’t given any results or even a hint to say everything is okay. The report was sent to my Doctor straight away so I am hoping that I will hear something soon.
I’ve always managed okay with my joint pains before, but the past few days I’ve been struggling. It feels as though my joints are on fire, especially my hands. My hands are very red and swollen and I even struggled just holding a knife and fork earlier. I’ve put E45 cream on them but nothing seems to be helping. Does anyone have any tips on how to help the pain?
I keep having really strange turns. It might make me sounds crazy but I get a funny feeling in my head and then I start shaking as if I am having a fit but I am awake. It happened lots last night and my partner wanted to take me to the hospital. It seems to be happening a lot more frequently at the moment. Has anyone else experienced something like this?
Hope you are having a pain free day. Peach & love, Charlie x


One thought on “Echocardiogram.

  1. misspiggy

    This does sound very POTS-y. When it happens to me I try to eat nuts like cashews, pistachios etc, as the salt, protein and oils seem to help. Also tea without milk, not sure why that helps, YMMV!


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