Hospital appointments.


On Friday I had an appointment at the hospital with a consultant rheumatologist. Before my appointment came through I didn’t know what a rheumatologist was so in a few words the role of a rheumatologist is to diagnose, treat and medically manage patients with arthritis and other rheumatic diseases. These health conditions can affect the joints, bones, muscles and sometimes internal organs.
The consultant I saw was a very nice woman who was honest and told me upfront that she wasn’t an expert in Ehlers-Danlos syndrome but was willing to help me the best I could. She examined my joints, skin etc and decided it would be best that I see a consultant who does specialise in Ehlers-Danlos syndrome. This will mean going to London again but I am confident that I am now on the right path to get help. She also recommended that I try Yoga, Pilates and similar exercises to help strengthen my joints and swimming.
I also received an appointment through for 11th March and in big bold letters I just saw the words GENERAL SURGERY and freaked out a bit. It is with a colo-rectal surgeon but at a different hospital from my previous surgery. Strangely, there was a plastic bag containing a rubber glove and a suppository with instructions to use it before attending my appointment. I must say I think this is the strangest thing I have ever received in the post and this hospital must do things different to the other hospital I attend. I am now feeling nervous but hopeful that I may get some help.

Hope you are all having a pain-free day.
Charlie x



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