Day 28 – Your Favourite Movie


Day 28 – Your Favourite Movie

I have so many favourite movies so I will post a few.


500 Days of Summer is one of my ultimate favourites. I love everything about it. The story, their style, Zooey Deschanel and Joseph Gordon-Levitt. I love how you think there is going to be a happy ending but it’s not the one you imagine. I love how it is a love story but it isn’t a love story all at the same time. I just love 500 Days of Summer.


Forest Gump. Need I say more? A beautiful film.


Step Brothers. Whenever I feel down I just put this almighty movie on and laugh until I cry. I introduced it to my sister yesterday as she had never seen it before.


The Butterfly Effect. I’ve always loved this movie. It really makes you think. There are a couple of endings to this movie and I have my favourite. Do you?

Charlie x


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