Day 25 – Something that you miss.


Day 25 – Something that you miss.

I miss a lot of things.
Today especially I miss our dear friend Alex, who was sadly taken away from us 7 years ago today at the age of 16. He was a wonderful young man and was very talented. We were in the same form at secondary school and both had ginger hair. Our surnames both begin with a “H” so we often sat together or near each other in lessons. The sun was shining down brightly earlier and it always seems to on this day, I like to think of it as Alex because he lit up the room with his kindness. I had music on earlier and “Wherever you will go” came on. This song was played at Alex’s funeral so I played it in full and thought of him. I hope you are shining bright up there Alex, we all miss you.

I miss my cat Miffy a lot. I remember the day I picked her up when I was 4 and my friend Emma had her brother, Sooty. She was a beautiful cat. She was fun and loved to play but was also loving and kind. She knew when I wasn’t well and would comfort me. When we had to say goodbye to her in April, after 19 years, it broke our hearts. I still sometimes forget for a moment and look for her when I go to my Mum’s house. I love you and I miss you Miffy cat!

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I miss going for walks in the Peak District and bike rides in the sunshine. Hopefully my health will improve and I will be able to do these things again soon. I miss my Grandma & other family members up in heaven. I miss Thursday’s after school and going to my Granny’s house with my cousin Johnny for dinner, which was usually sausages! Wonderful memories.

Charlie x


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