Day 19 – Another picture of yourself.


Day 19 – Another picture of yourself.

Todays blog post is to post another picture of myself and I thought how can I do this whilst raising awareness of EDS? Then I came up with the idea of Christmas ‘elfie for EDS!
elfie EDSS

I have had a tough year and have been eager to do some fundraising for Ehlers-Danlos Support but with me being poorly was stuck with what we could do, so I thought that after the success of the “No make-up selfie” for Cancer research and the “ALS ice bucket challenge” I thought why not do a Christmas ‘elfie for EDS! The idea is to take a Christmas seflie whether that is infront of your tree, dressed as an Elf, in a Christmas jumper or even in a Santa mankini and donate money to Ehlers-Danlos Support. Lets have fun, raise some money, raise awareness and get people asking “What is EDS?”. All money goes directly to Ehlers-Danlos Support. Text EDSS47 followed by the amount you wish to donate to 70070. I will start it off and here is my Christmas ‘elfie for EDS. I nominate anyone who reads this!


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