Help for Keeley!


A lovely young lady called Keeley added me on Facebook after I joined some of the support groups for Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome. Keeley is 20 and also suffers from EDS. EDS can cause many complications and for Keeley it has caused esophageal motility, this is a medical disorder causing difficulty in swallowing, regurgitation of food and can cause spasm type pain. She is currently in the hospital and is needing a PEG tube fitted, which is a feeding tube inserted into her abdomen which would allow her to feed and take the necessary fluids to keep her alive. The NHS can’t do the operation until 22nd of December or early next year and in a bid to get Keeley a private operation so that she can be home before Christmas her wonderful uncle created a fundraising page for her. In just over 24 hours the £3,000 target has been smashed!!!
I hope that you get to come home for Christmas and that the PEG tube helps you. You are such and inspiring young lady and thank you for all you have done for EDS!
You can read more about Keeley’s story by following this link:

Charlie x


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