Day 11 – What’s in your makeup bag?


Day 11 – What’s in your makeup bag?


My makeup bag is full of sooooo much stuff, so I will just tell you my favourite bits. MAC Prep & Primer is amazing. It helps keep my makeup on, can be worn on it’s own to give the skin a lovely glow and mixed with eye shadows. I love No7 beautifully matte foundation as I have quite oily skin and it sits lovely. Liquid eyeliner is a must have for me as I love to do little flicks on my eyes. I don’t wear eye shadower very often but when I do I have this little duo from MAC which I love. No7 bronzer is my favourite kind to use. Like the foundation I find it sits perfectly on my skin and gives a lovely glow. The mascara I use the most is Bourjois 1 seconde. I find it doesn’t go gloopy like others I have used in the past. When I’ve done my makeup I apply MAC Fix+ and it helps set your makeup for the whole day! I also love a good lipstick and have so many.
Due to being ill at the moment I haven’t worn makeup in ages and all this talk of makeup is making me want to get dressed up. Here is a picture from a few months back with my makeup applied.



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