Day 8


Day 8 – A song and photo to match your mood.


Today I have woken up and the sun is shining and it’s a nice temperature. What I would give to go for a lovely walk today! I like to make the most of my days as we don’t know how many we have left and the fact that I can’t do the things I usually enjoy at the moment, like walking and bike riding, really gets me down. I feel as though as I am wasting my days sitting here but my partner often reminds me that I am not wasting my days, I am getting better so that I can have more good days in the future. I managed to eat a bit of dinner last night and wasn’t in excruciating pain afterwards to I am hoping that my antibiotics and beginning to work. Bob Marley always cheers me up and I thought this song quite fitting to my mood today and the picture I have posted is something I must remember. Hope you all have a great day.

Charlie x


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