Ignorance is not bliss.



Yesterday I noticed this imagine being used on a popular Facebook page and today someone also pointed out that it was being used by a radio station. I was absolutely disgusted by the image and some of the comments supporting it. There is so much prejudice towards disabled people and images like the above just encourage discrimination and hate crime. Just because a person is in a mobility scooter or wheelchair does not mean that they can’t walk. I am 23 years old and suffer from Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome and PoTs and sometimes find it difficult to walk or stand for long periods of time, like in supermarkets, and have used walking aids and wheelchairs myself. The top man in the EDS world Professor Grahame said himself that it is “the most neglected condition in the history of medicine”. STATISTIC. Evidently ignorant people such as whoever is behind this post and those that find it funny to mock are the reason why it’s neglected so much. Think about the poor woman in the photograph. How would she feel after seeing this? People need to educate themselves before taking the mick out of people with disabilities. I am all for having a laugh and a joke but the woman in this picture has been victimised. Needless to say, I reported the imagine and commented on it. Unfortunately, Facebook say they reviewed the image and it wasn’t going to be removed. This disappoints me greatly and makes me think that Facebook will ignore bullying just to get more business on their website. Disgusting. Please report these images and together we will be stronger!

Charlie x


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